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Relax knowing you have coverage for your boat or personal watercraft. With Gruber and Associates specialized boat insurance coverage, you can relax knowing you have coverage for your boat or personal watercraft. Just like car insurance, we make boat insurance easy. You can even get a boat insurance quote online and print your card today!
Boat Insurance Features
A Gruber & Associates boat insurance policy comes with plenty of options for specialized coverage, such as Roadside Assistance, On-Water Towing, Total Loss Replacement, and more. Check out all our boat insurance coverages.
Get a Boat Insurance Quote and Much More
With so many options, we’ll help you find the perfect boat or personal watercraft insurance for your needs. Overall, we insure jet boats, fishing boats, sailboats and many more.

See all the types of boats we insure. No matter what you insure, we offer tons of boat insurance discounts. Get a quote and save today.
  • Water-Ski Coverage — Coverage for your water skis is available at no additional cost.
  • High Limits — Medical Payments coverage limits are offered up to $10,000.
  • Low Deductibles — Some of the lowest Comprehensive and Collision deductibles in the industry.
  • Replacement Cost Personal Effects — Coverage is available up to $5,000 for personal effects, such as clothing, sunglasses, cameras, etc.
  • Actual Cash Value (ACV) — Actual Cash Value coverage provides an economical option to cover your PWC in case it is damaged. The ACV is determined by market value, age and condition of your PWC at the time of the loss.
  • Unlimited Use — Use of your PWC isn’t restricted — there are no time or location restrictions on operation.

Looking for boat or personal watercraft insurance?
Here’s what we insure.

We Insure the following types of boats/PWCs with a Gruber & Associates boat or personal watercraft insurance policy:

A runabout is any small motorboat holding between four and eight people, well suited to moving about on the water[

Mini Jet Boat

Jet propelled boat usually less than 18 feet in length with a rider capacity of four to seven people.


A boat that utilizes at least one sail for power. Sailboats may also have a motor that is used as an additional power source.


A boat built on pontoons with a flat surface to walk and sit on. These are designed for slow movement on inland lakes and rivers.

House Boat

These tend to be flat bottomed and designed for slow movement on the water. Houseboats are equipped with full galley, enclosed head, and sleeping berths. House boats as a primary residence cannot be insured on a Gruber & Associates Boat policy.

Cabin Cruiser

A cabin cruiser is a type of power boat that provides accommodation for its crew and passengers inside the structure of the craft.

Fishing Boat
A type of power boat designed for recreational fishing by anglers (with rods and lines)

Other Fishing Boat
Specialized power fishing boat designed for recreational fishing

Bass Boat

A boat designed for fishing. Normally a low profile boat, which may be equipped with special seats which are designed for optimum fishing. It may also include rod holders, an aerated bait holder, a fish cleaning station, or built in tackle boxes.

Personal Watercraft (PWC)

A recreational watercraft that the rider sits or stands on, rather than inside of, as in a boat.

Boat and Personal Watercraft Insurance Options
Additional boat and personal watercraft insurance coverages, such as Fuel Spill Protection and Wreckage Removal for your watercraft, may be included in some states — just ask if these boat or personal watercraft insurance coverages are available during your quote.
Limitations of Boat and Personal Watercraft

The following coverages are not available with Gruber and Associates boat and personal watercraft insurance:

  • Physical Damage coverage on boats more than 15 years old and worth more than $20,000 (in some states, the maximum is boats more than 20 years old and worth more than $40,000)
  • Physical Damage Only policies
  • Engine/Motor Only coverage
Certain types of boats/PWCs cannot be insured with a Gruber and Associates boat or personal watercraft insurance policy.

The following list is a sample of what we cannot insure with boat or personal watercraft insurance:

  • Boats over 50 feet in length and/or with values over $250,000 (in some states, the maximum is boats over 35 ft. in length and/or over $175,000 in value)
  • PWC valued over $27,000
  • Boats with max speed exceeding 75 mph
  • Boats that do not meet published U.S. Coast Guard standards
  • Boats used as a primary residence (“Live Aboards”)
  • All amphibious land boats, hovercraft or airboats
  • Homemade boats without a serial number
  • Houseboats that do not have motors
  • Boats with more than two owners

Let us help you find the right insurance for your boat today!

Boat Insurance Rates and Discounts

Affordable boat insurance rates starting at $100/year*
Get a Boat Insurance Quote and Much More

Just take advantage of all our boat insurance discounts (listed below) and you could save even more. That way, you can get cheap boat insurance that still comes with high-quality coverages.

  • Claims-Free Renewal — Receive a discount if you have no at-fault accidents during your previous policy period.
  • Homeowner — Boat insurance rates are discounted if you own your own home.
  • Idle Assisted Steering — Simply having an idle assisted steering device on your personal watercraft could earn you a discount.
  • Multi Vehicle — Receive a discount if you have more than one vessel on your policy.
  • Multi Policy — Receive a discount if you have more than one Gruber and Associates policy.
  • Original Owner — Get lower boat insurance rates if you’re the only person who’s owned your boat.
  • Paid in Full — Pay the full amount of your policy up front and receive a discount on your boat insurance rate.
  • Responsible Driver — No accidents or violations on your driving record for the last three years translates to a discount on your boat insurance rate.
  • Safety Course — Completion of an approved safety course means you could qualify for a discount.

Boat and Personal Watercraft Insurance Coverages

A Gruber and Associates boat and personal watercraft insurance (watercraft insurance) policy provides boaters with specialized coverage designed for your boat or personal watercraft. Insurance options range from personal effects replacement to fuel spill coverage, which means you can relax on the water knowing you’re protected.
Tips to Choosing Watercraft Insurance

Watercraft insurance protects several kinds of boats and PWCs, which means watercraft insurance policies can differ based on what you have. Here are a few tips to help you find the right boat or watercraft insurance:

Look beyond your homeowners policy.

Your boat or personal watercraft may be too big or too expensive to be covered through a homeowners policy, which means you may need watercraft insurance to protect it. Gruber and Associated accepts boats up to 50 feet long and up to $250,000 in value, as well as personal watercraft up to 15 feet long and $27,000 in value. Even if your boat is eligible for watercraft insurance coverage under your homeowners policy, you still may want specialized coverages that you just can’t get with a standard homeowners policy.

Consider specialized coverages.

Watercraft insurance coverages go beyond the scope of a standard homeowners policy to include Roadside Assistance, which covers towing of your boat or personal watercraft for free, as long as your trailer is covered; On-Water Towing, in case you’re stranded on the water; and Uninsured Boaters coverage. You can also choose Fuel Spill Liability and Wreckage Removal coverage with Gruber and Associated watercraft insurance. Without these watercraft insurance coverages, you may end up getting stuck with the bill for cleanups and removals. Personal Effects and Fishing Equipment coverages are also available.

If you travel, make sure your watercraft insurance coverages go with you.

Some insurance companies limit where you can go with your watercraft and still be covered, or they charge you extra if you travel. With Progressive’s watercraft insurance policy, you can follow the sun because you’re covered at no extra charge on all inland lakes, rivers and navigable waterways of the continental United States and Canada, including ocean waters within 50 miles from the coast of the U.S. or Canada.

Think about replacement costs.

Boats and personal watercraft depreciate just like cars do. A homeowners policy will only pay you actual cash value for your boat or personal watercraft, which could make it difficult to replace if it’s destroyed. But with Gruber and Associated boat insurance, you have that option and more. With Total Loss Replacement, we’ll replace your boat or personal watercraft with a brand new model if the loss is within the first five model years. We also offer Agreed Value coverage no matter how old your boat is.

Look for loyalty rewards.

Consider doing business with a company that values its relationship with you and rewards you for sticking around. At Progressive, at each claim-free renewal, we decrease your deductible by 25 percent. The Disappearing Deductibles feature comes standard at no additional charge on Agreed Value and Total Loss Replacement policies.